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My name is Brad Rowe, born July 2nd 1983. I grew up in a small seacoast town in New Hampshire on the Massachusetts border. Since about the time I could walk, I was thrown into the competitive world. My father was a horse trainer and had me riding (well bouncing around at that age) at local shows. From the day I could run, I took to anything that involved a ball and action. I played baseball and basketball in the 2nd grade then jumped on the 4th-6th grade football team as a third grader.

From day one, I knew football would be the love of my life and the horses began to take a backseat. I maintained being a 3-sport athlete throughout grade school and high school mixing in track, wrestling, and basketball along with football. After graduating high school I decided to do a prep year to gain more exposure for football, this decision wound up to be a costly one. A few games into the season I fractured my ankle and was limited in playing time as well as my involvement in the end of the year combine in which college coaches from across the country come to watch us test and scrimmage.

Although I did not get the big scholarship I had hoped for I ended up at Marist College in Poughkeepsie NY which is known for its strong academics and quality division 1AA football. At Marist I excelled both on the field as a running back and special teams player, and in the class room as a biology major. After four years I graduated with my BS in biology with a concentration in pre-medical studies. Upon graduating I took the year off to work, and like every college graduate with a biology degree does……I built houses for the year. I have been doing carpentry every summer and school break since I was 15 and I enjoy doing it. Plus it pays a lot better and more pleasurable than sitting in a lab all day filling pipettes and running tests.

The following fall I entered a graduate program at Drexel University designed for students who wish to apply to medical or veterinary school. It was a one year program with an option for a second year. I choose to just complete the one year because none of the grades would be in by time applications to medical school were due and who can afford an almost useless year of graduate school. When it was all said and done I finished the program with a 3.65 GPA and decided that I was not in a financial position to apply to medical school yet, so here I was with another year off building houses, now with an undergraduate and a graduate certificate.

Late winter of 2010 things changed a bit in my life, I was discovered online by an agency and began doing fitness modeling and some acting. I decided to make the move from New Hampshire that spring to Jersey City and give this new found world a shot. When I moved here my agent suggested that I compete in bodybuilding again, my first show was senior year in college after I had finished with football (2nd as a heavyweight at the NH State Championships and 3rd at the Northeast Tournament of Champions, it was a duel show), but since had not found the timing to be right to compete again.

So early April I began prepping to compete. During this prep I began talking with Universal Nutrition about the possibility of signing on as one of their athletes. They were doing something different from the other companies. They were looking for young up-comers with great potential but may have not made a huge splash in the industry yet. Even though I had been in a few magazines and the GNC advertisements I was still a nobody in the industry and they took a shot on me. I am grateful for the opportunity they
gave me and it really helped spring board my career and give me the motivation to push
to be the best athlete and person I could be.

In April 2011 I made the move out to California to make Gold╩╝s Gym Venice my home
base. I was looking for a change of pace in life and wanted to give myself the best
chance to find success in the industry seeing as I was putting my dreams of being a
physician on the back burner. The move had its ups and downs but eventually has lead
me to achieving IFBB Pro status, running my own company, and finding the woman I
want to spend my life with.

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